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Quote icon I have been a full-time property investor for over 20 years. I run my own development projects as well as use my SMSF to invest in other people’s projects. Of all the projects my SMSF has invested in, I believe the professionalism of Anthea’s work has been a stand-out! The returns delivered for my SMSF have been the highest yields of all the projects in which my SMSF has invested. Many congratulation to Anthea, and I look forward to an opportunity to invest in her future projects. I would highly recommend Anthea to other investors!



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Quote icon I have made my way through 7 real estate transactions in my life and my experience with Anthea and Rohan has truly been a pleasant one.

Initial discussions transpired over coffee and further issues that came up were easily sorted by a phone call or a brief meeting.

We didn't have to experience the stress and costs of open inspections and advertising and the sorting of our household items, as settlement approached, was made easy by their casual and helpful approach. As private buyers/developers they were genuine, professional and true to their word.

Gloria from Edwardstown

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Quote icon Being an interstate investor and having teamed with Anthea and Rohan within a joint property development in Adelaide, I have been especially impressed with the timely and open communication and the high attention to detail that was especially necessary due to the distance and thus enabled a great partnership across Australia.

Chris from Newcastle

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Quote icon Having recently teamed with Anthea and Rohan in a joint property project in Mitcham, I have noted absolute due diligence and professionalism and most especially an ability to look "outside the box" which has given me much confidence that our joint project will be very successful and profitable. I am excited by this project venture.

Jill from Brompton

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Quote icon As a property developer myself, I am very aware of the "inevitable" challenges that can arise. Having now been involved with Anthea and Rohan in three joint property projects I have been impressed with their problem solving skills that kick in and the integrity and willingness to work through any circumstance with very acceptable "win win" outcome.

Kathryn from Belair

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Quote icon I have worked closely with Anthea and Rohan on two development joint projects. The enthusiasm and positivity are what has struck me the most even when problems arise! Anthea has a solution-focussed attitude and finds alternative ways to overcome any obstacle. I have actually suggested to my young daughters that Anthea would be great as their experienced and trusted mentor/advisor!

Nick Glenalta

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Quote icon After attending one of Anthea's insightful property meetings and finding my first development site, I immediately turned to her for advice of which I am forever thankful and grateful for! We have since engaged in two very successful joint venture projects in Oaklands Park and Plympton. During the journey Anthea has taught me so much valuable information with her innovation and ability to think outside the square when the inevitable "twists and turns" occur. Most notably Anthea always asked for my input and was very supportive of my suggestions. From concept to sale, Anthea taught me flexibility and when to stay strong.

Robyn from Somerton Park

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Quote icon As a joint venture partner with Anthea and Rohan, I have experienced a very pro-active partnership. The "outside the box" or divergent thinking and quick collaboration made the venture very rewarding.

Joanna from Adelaide

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Quote icon We met Anthea by chance when our next door neighbour developed their property and watched the progress through to completion in 2020. Having lost money ourselves on attempting a past property development project, we approached Anthea who was willing to share a lot of her own gained experience upfront. Upon engaging Anthea to help us develop our property, we have been delighted with the incredibly organised and methodical approach to every task and every stage whilst allowing us to make any final decisions for the project. Without hesitation, we have recommended Anthea and her team to others.

Bronwyn and Paul from Plympton

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Quote icon Anthea is a fantastic role model for females in the property and property development industry. Incredibly switched on and ahead of the curve, she also actively encourages more women to try their hand at the property development game.


Building Consultant

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Quote icon Anthea is a highly motivated, disciplined and focused on achieving her property investment and property development goals and in addition voluntarily finds time to support and mentor others interested in the industry.

Simon from Melbourne

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Quote icon The growth of Anthea's property investment portfolio and it's ensuing success is testament to hard work, determination and applying creative techniques in investing with property. At the same time, she is very approachable and down to earth and inspires others to achieve similar goals.

Edison from Adelaide

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Quote icon During business interactions with Anthea, we have always found her conscientious and extremely ethical. Unfortunately, the property industry does not always produce people with such high standards that Anthea exhibits.

Rocco Cavallo and Josephine

Cavallo Forest Licensed Surveyors

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Quote icon Having known Anthea in a professional capacity for over 5 years and assisted in a number of projects together, I have always found her to be very well organised, polite and ambitious. Anthea has taken on projects others may not, because her creativity will ensure a successful outcome for all involved.

Matt Falconer

Urban Planning + Design

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Quote icon I have known Anthea for at least 10 years and I believe we first met when a work colleague referred me to her in her capacity as a mortgage broker. Straight away I found her to be bright, friendly, capable, confident and willing to share investment strategies. Rohan I had met a number of years earlier through basketball, and I found him to be enthusiastic, friendly, positive, and interested in the welfare of others.

Investing with them was an easy decision to make as they have a proven track record of successful and profitable developments. They have a clear and concise way of assessing potential deals and they gave us clear information about setting up the Unit Trust.

During the development they provided regular updates of milestones achieved. When there were unexpected setbacks, they promptly informed us of their proposed actions to find an effective solution. I was always confident that they were tracking the progress of the development closely and ready to take decisive action when required.

The investment was exceptionally pleasing both in timeframe and profits achieved. I would most definitely invest in future projects with them if they become available, and would love to do this right now as the returns from my first investment with them were significantly better than my other investments!

Based on my experience, I recommend them as reliable and effective investment partners.

Michael, Adelaide SA

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Quote icon We met Anthea and Rohan through mutual friends and have cheered their success from the sidelines. When we were finally in a position to join them, we leapt at the chance. We have found the whole process to be energising, streamlined, stress free and profitable. We look forward to doing it all over again and highly recommend them!

Simon and Penny

Beaumont SA

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Quote icon I met Anthea around 5 years ago through a quarterly property education gathering and I quickly took a liking to her vivacious character and openness. Fast forward a few years, we were visiting Adelaide one weekend, Anthea took us around and showed us a number of her completed and in progress projects to show us what she had been up to. Not long after, I had the opportunity to invest with her as a money partner in a large development project which I was thrilled to be involved in. From the beginning, Anthea provided clear and open communication with regular detailed updates including timelines and multiple contingency options. Anthea also sought investor involvement of branding the development with a name for marketing which made us feel like we were contributing. The entire project was very well managed throughout and the outcome far exceeded our expectations which is a credit to Anthea’s knowledge and expertise in all things property. I would love to invest in future projects with Anthea if the opportunity came up. Her morals, values, ethics and integrity along with knowledge, professionalism and desire to help others are traits I highly value. I look forward to investing with Anthea in many future projects.



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Quote icon It is with no hesitation that I recommend anyone considering investing with Anthea and Rohan.
I have personally known Anthea and Rohan for many years and I have watched as they have successfully grown Urban Infill Group.
Starting with renovations and sub-divisions grew to multi-unit splits and build, and more recently land developments.

Over the many years I have known them they have always behaved with the utmost integrity and they value their reputation.
I have been impressed with their professional approach to managing all aspects of the development. They are open and transparent with all the necessary legal requirements establishing the Unit Holder Agreement and Unit Trust Deed which gave us peace of mind. They drew upon their extensive knowledge and industry resources to find the best solutions and people to overcome issues as they became apparent. All this has led to a very successful project and I am happy with the outcome and have no hesitation in reinvesting with Anthea and Rohan in future projects.

Gordon & Juliet

Prospect SA

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Quote icon We first met Anthea and Rohan at an event for property investors in Melbourne.

At the time we were looking for passive investment opportunities. Fortunately, through this event and via other contacts we had many investment opportunities to consider.

Anthea and Rohan’s extensive experience and long track record of successful developments immediately stood out and landed them on our short list.

A short while after meeting, Anthea contacted us with an opportunity to invest in a subdivision project. All the information required to make a decision was clearly laid out, including the fee structure which was very fair and the estimated returns which were ideal for us. Anthea’s professionalism and no-nonsense approach was very welcome and we signed up immediately.

Throughout the project Anthea communicated progress regularly which was very helpful as we were based in Perth and the project was in Adelaide. There were various challenges throughout, as with every project however, thanks to Anthea’s experience, solutions were always forthcoming and the project ran very smoothly.

Ultimately the project was delivered within the estimated time frame and the profits were excellent. We look forward to investing with Anthea and Rohan again and highly recommend them to anyone considering the same.

Chris & Marcia

Chris & Marcia


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Quote icon On conclusion of the Adelaide Joint Projects at Mitcham, Anthea delivered an amazing result surpassing expectations.

From the due diligence and unit trust set up to the final sale and completion of this large scale development, Anthea provided detailed and comprehensive reports regularly and responded promptly to any queries we had along the way.

Anthea’s intimate knowledge of the property development process, thoroughness and professionalism ensured that this project ran smoothly and profitably.

I feel fortunate that Anthea provided me with the opportunity to take part in her joint venture. This entire experience was stress free from an investors perspective and should another project eventuate, I would not hesitate in investing with Anthea.

Jill Brompton


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Developing for Property Owners


Quote icon I was introduced to Anthea to assist me with building a new home on my land. I wanted to stay living in the same neighbourhood. My husband had passed away and my 2 adult sons are still living with me and I wasn’t working as I had cared for my husband full time. I needed a new home, but did not have any money to build it, nor any experience developing or building. Anthea arranged approval for the allotment to be subdivided into three blocks. Anthea paid for all the costs to do this. I sold Anthea 2 out of the three blocks which easily funded the cost of building my new home. She arranged to transfer my chosen block back into my name without stamp duty and maintaining my principle place of residence tax exemption as we had owned and lived in our house for several decades. She introduced me to her lawyer and her conveyancer who explained to us how this worked and arranged the transfer. Anthea efficiently co-ordinated the architect and designs, I had input into my house design and could choose which of the three houses I wanted as my own. She arranged a house design so that my master bedroom and ensuite were on the ground floor. I chose the most energy efficient northern house and am very excited about the design. Anthea introduced me to the builder whom she has vetted as reputable, and I chose all my interior colours, cabinetry and selections, which was exciting. When it was time to move out and demolish the original house, Anthea and Rohan provided accommodation in a newly renovated unit for discounted rent, helped me move and provided storage for some of my personal effects. Anthea was professional, knowledgeable and most importantly trustworthy. She did and paid for everything that she was contracted to. The fees that Anthea funded included but not limited to: architects, engineers, town planning consultants, surveyor, conveyancer, energy efficiency reports, Building Rules consents, Council and Government lodgement fees, open space contributions, SA Water connections fees, abolishment of services fees, and demolition costs. I don’t hesitate to recommend her to others wanting to downsize to a new home and stay in the same neighbourhood, without incurring stamp duty, agent selling fees, and without losing the main residence tax exemption.


Oaklands Park SA

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