Urban Infill Group

What We Do





Site Acquisition


Urban Infill Group creates opportunities from land with potential. We’ve successfully transformed vacant spaces into livable homes. Anthea and her experienced team have overcome many challenges with difficult sites, successfully negotiating with the council to get approval to build multiple dwellings.


Urban Infill Group is always looking to purchase residentially zoned land suitable for property development in Metro Adelaide. If you believe you have a suitable property that you would either like to sell or perhaps develop in partnership with us, please contact our Director Anthea Greig via the contact form.





Project Co-ordination


We offer customised project management packages for the inexperienced

and/or time poor individual. Here’s what we can do for you:





Introductory consultation



Suitable site acquisition



 Site analysis and development feasibility studies (including full projected cost and projected profit)




Design and planning



 Full planning consent liaison (council, government and utility providers approvals)





Full building specification

and fit out selection



Comprehensive builder

tendering to ensure

fixed price build contract




assistance and advice

further information



Marketing 3D’s and

coloured floor plans



Sales (Suitable selection

of real estate agent or

other project marketers)





Joint Venture and Partnerships


In exceptional circumstances, Urban Infill Group may enter into property development joint ventures or partnerships. Partnering with like-minded and experienced people allows for more knowledge and gives us access to additional networks for greater outcomes.





Finance Broking


Anthea Greig, our Director, is a licensed Mortgage Broker and offers comprehensive lending advice and services.


A loan for land division and construction loans have a different loan structure to home loans designed for people buying an existing home. Depending on the scale of the development, the finance may be residential or commercial lending. Finance can be crucial to a successful development.





Training and Education


Anthea is the tutor for the Subdividing Land and Property Development course at WEA. This course is held five times a year. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, Anthea shares her advice, recommendations and provides guidance to students at WEA.


Get in touch with Anthea on 0438 268 432 to find out more about the course she offers or refer to WEA-sa.com.au for course timetables. 




Rohan and Anthea previously co-ordinated a monthly education Property meeting for many years, providing informative guest speakers on many property related topics including developing, renovating, negotiating, trees, town planning information, surveying, conveyancing and more. They have retired from running this meeting but still attend regularly. To find out when the next ‘Property Meeting’ is on, or register to receive information about future Property Meetings - click here.



  0438 268 432